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Sounds in AngryBots game

Creating sounds for AngryBots game INTRODUCTION    Out of numerous freely available demo games crafted using the Unity engine AngryBots stands out as the most exciting one to me. It has one complete level of gameplay with lots of different rooms and quite a few crazy robots that want to kill you or die trying. … Continue reading

IEZA model

When we talk about computer (or video) games we are absolutely convinced that the sounds in the game are as essential as the animations itself. Try playing any game with the sound muted and you’ll see what I mean. Even the earliest games from 1970s (when the games emerged as a form of entertainment) had … Continue reading


teardrop remix [rain] https://soundcloud.com/stream Hard at work And this is what I created… in Blender This is where I completed my Music Technology / Sound Engineering courses. At IMW (Islington Music Workshop).